Laptop Repairs Virus Removal ESET Used Equipment
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Computer running slow? Annoying popups interrupting your computer usage? Perhaps your computer is not booting at all. We’ll be able to help with a 24 hour turnaround. We ensure you are back up and running in no time! We support Linux, Mac and Windows based systems for both laptops and desktop computers.


What Services we can provide

 ·         Computer upgrade consultation

·         Replacement parts for new/used systems

·         Cable management options

·         Software installation - including reloading of your operating system & drivers

·         Virus and Spyware removal

·         Online security options

·         Free quotations

·         Internet setup – including 3G Wireless (eg Telstra Bigpond, Vodafone, Dodo…)

·         Training Courses Available

·         MYOB Data management

·         QuickBooks

·         Microsoft Office Packages (Word, Excel, Outlook, Access & Publisher)

·         General Computing Basics (Introduction to Windows, Introduction to Email, Introduction to Word Processing)

·         One-on-one training We have had excellent results in providing training 1:1. This type of training is particularly useful when time is limited, training is required at short notice or assistance is required with specific features of a product.

·         Self Paced Training Where 1 to 1 sessions interfere with work we can arrange a ‘do it from home and send in for marking system’. You can go over each lesson as often as you like Completion of our courses earns you a Certificate of Attainment Highlighting your knowledge base